Special Features

1. No Macros or Visual Basic

Macros and VBA tend to make MS Excel spreadsheets unstable and create problems when changing versions. Prodegee does not use either of the two. This makes it more robust and reliable.

2. Colour-coded cells

Each cell is colour coded to make it easier for you to understand what type of information it holds.

Colour Coded Cells

3. Multi-language

Prodegee is multi language. It supports up to three languages at a time, being English the one that is always available while the other two can be changed by translating the labels from CONFIG into any another language.


4. Consolidate Financial Statements

Prodegee can produce and consolidate financial statements for any combination of up to nine different types of stakeholders.

Consolidated Statements

5. Easily Configurable Accounts

Some accounts (the ones in grey) come by default. As for the rest, you can easily define your own accounts from the tab CONFIG

Easily Configurable Tags

6. Lists and Filters for input

Many fields provide lists that restrict the potential input values to avoid mistakes and the entering of inconsistent values.


7. Guessed Inputs

When a user forgets to enter a value that can be easily assumed, Prodegee assumes it.

8. Cells with help boxes

Many cells have help boxes that inform on what needs to be entered there.

Help Boxes

9. Automatic Error Detection

Prosegee uses a combination of help boxes and background colors to inform on errors that could compromise the integrity of the model.

Automatic Error Detection

10. Database structure

In a database table each row constitutes one register and each column a field. Many spreadsheets do not respect such basic principle but instead organise information inconsistently.

Database Structure

11. Input Fields as a Block

In general, Input Fields (in green) are always in a block located on the left of the worksheet to make it easier to copy-paste content in blocks, for example for updating into a new version.

Input Fields in Blocks

12. Filters

Having the data organised in a database structure makes it very easy to apply filters.


13. Activation/Deactivation of Data

The database structure, with each record in one row, makes the activation and deactivation of data very easy, which is a requirement for effective sensitivity analysis. Activate and Deactivate

14. Charts & Diagrams

An image is worth more than thousand numbers and Prodegee knows it. This is why it uses charts to evaluate information.


15. Unprotected Workbook & Visible Formulae

Sheets are protected to prevent formulae from been modified, which could affect its integrity. The workbook is however, unprotected to:

  1. Allow the insertion of new tabs
  2. Make visible formulae for transparency purposes and facilitate understanding of the model’s inner logic.
  3. Formulae is visible for transparency and
  4. Allow editing and formatting of cells, columns, rows, objects and scenarios.

16. Make your own Dashboard

Prodegee allows to create a new tab which can then be used as a Dashboard since the workbook is unprotected. To create it, simply click on the + sign that appears to the right of the tabs, in order to insert a new worksheet.