Pico-solar - Indonesia

Project’s Introduction

  • Date: October 2017 to February 2018

  • Project: Analyse the viability of the RESCO in Sumba Island and provide tool for managing the service

  • Donor: Millenium Challenge Corporation (USA)

  • Implementing Body: Hivos (Netherlands) and Winrock International (USA)

On December 2015, Hivos signed a partnership agreement with the Millennium Challenge Account-Indonesia (MCA-I) which allows Hivos to rapidly scale up renewable energy access and income benefits by replicating the successful approaches and business models developed under the BIRU Project and Sumba Iconic Island (SII) as one large project.

In Sumba Hivos had set up a RESCO for the supply of solar lights and small solar kits. Products were provided to villages through local shops and schools, which acted as agents. Users of the solar lights hired the product from the agents and paid a fee every time they charge it. After 300 charges they owned the light.

The website of the Sumba RESCO can be visited at resco.io

Prodegee’s Implementation

Prodegee was used for: • Assessing the existing business model • Reviewing the RESCO’s operational structure and managed assets • Analysing the RESCO’s existing revenue streams from current projects and payment • Analysing the project’s financial viability