Power Sector

From the financial evaluation of single projects, to the preparation of masterplans for an entire power sector.

The power sector edition of Prodegee can be used at the following three levels.

  1. Single project: Preparation of feasibility studies for sustainable energy projects, including economic and financial analysis studies, appraisal for financial institutions, and due diligence for financing of solar power plants, hybrid systems, mini-grids, solar home systems, hydropower, wind power. It was used in this capacity in Suriname.

  2. Region or tier: Supporting scoping studies and the development of strategies for sustainable energy related investments (i.e. energy access, renewable energy and energy efficiency) of a region or area. It was used in this capacity in Colombia and Indonesia.

  3. Entire power sector: Electricity sector planning, policy, regulation, and the overall assessment of power demand/supply (e.g. electricity masterplans, least cost studies, tariff policies, regulation of renewable energy production, support to regulatory authorities, mini-grid or independent production regulation, energy access masterplans). It was used in this capacity in Sierra Leone.

The power sector edition is built on top of the generic one, which means that in addition to these, it can also be used for generic projects.